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Tel: +971 58 593 8178

Private Islands, Villas and Luxury Apartments Vacation

Private Islands, Villas and Luxury Apartments Vacation


The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


If you’ve ever wanted to rent your private island at GC we’ll find the best place for you. You and plenty of your guests, whether you’re hosting a family reunion, corporate retreat or hosting a wedding, you will be waited on hand and foot and served Michelin – starred cuisine underneath the stars. From Suites to private villas, from beach houses to beachfront cottages on your private islands with outdoor pools, swim-up bars, fitness centers, tennis and basketball courts, running trails, children house with video and board games. Does it get any better than that?

Enjoy the cuisine of your choice, the island’s staff will tend to your every need – using the finest ingredient and world-class chefs from around the globe.

At GC we offer a collection of uninhabited islands with crystal clear lagoons and white beaches. Days can be spent hiking through butterfly – filled rainforest, gliding over pink, purple and electric – blue corals in see – through kayaks, snorkeling with clownfish, triggerfish, parrotfish and green turtles. Later retreat to the spa, where the Thai and Balinese treatments are included to the daily rate.

The world’s most exciting hideaways the guests of ages will love it.

Or maybe you desire to spend your vacation at residential apartment with a stunning view of the glittering city or book a well-staffed and filled with luxury details villa at your loved branded hotel nor private villa for a comfortable stay for all your family members.     



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